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Our Purpose

When We Were Founded

November 11, 1885 by John Mills in Thomasville, North Carolina

Our Vision

To provide the highest quality of Christian services to children, adults, and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence.

Our Mission

Sharing hope...changing lives

Where We Serve

Baptist Children's Homes serves all 100 counties of North Carolina.

We have locations in 21 North Carolina communities plus an orphanage in Guatemala.

Visit 'WHERE WE SERVE' to learn more. 

Who We Serve

We provide programs and services for children of all ages, teen mothers, single mothers and their children, developmentally disabled adults as well as frail and aging adults.

Who Are The Children?

The children who live at Baptist Children’s Homes are not strangers. They come to us from your community. They attend schools in your area. You pass them in the store. They are your neighbors. And they need your help.

Why Do Children Come?

FAMILY CRISIS. . . Sometimes children come to Baptist Children’s Homes due to family challenges. We have the privilege of working with children and their families to help them overcome the specific issues that threaten to tear the family apart.

ABUSE. . .Children also come because the adults in their lives have let them down. Precious boys and girls suffer abuse, neglect, and abandonment often at the hands of the adults they have trusted to love and care for them.

How Are Children Referred?

Do you know a child or family who needs help? Is there a family living in your neighborhood or attending your church desperate to overcome the challenges threatening to tear them apart? A referral to Baptist Children’s Homes is not difficult or risky and it can be made by anyone. Children and families are referred by themselves, departments of social services, pastors, educators, juvenile services, concerned friends, and family members. It can be as simple as a phone call or email.

To refer a child or family by phone, 1-800-476-3669. You may also send an email to or visit our webpage at

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