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How We Help

Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina is committed to providing the highest quality care to the children and families we serve. A variety of placement and prevention services are available to meet the needs of the individual child and/or family. Our programs and services are briefly explained below. Click on a specific program or service to learn more.

Residential CareEmergency CareResidential Wilderness CampsTransitional Living,
Family CareTeen MothersClarification/Value ChangeAfter CareFamily Foster Care,
Weekday EducationDevelopmental Disabilities Ministry (DDM)Equine Services,
NC Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM), and Retreats & Conferences.

As a nonprofit with a strong base of supporters, Baptist Children's Homes offers opportunities others cannot:

  • Complete care by working with both child and family
  • Professionally trained child care workers and staff
  • 24/7 care for residents in a family environment
  • Emergency care for immediate placement
  • More one on one hours with residents
  • Higher education scholarship opportunities
  • Lifetime commitment to residents
  • After Care provided by our case managers
  • Transitional living to prepare residents for adult life
  • Family residential care for single mothers & their children
  • Services for both seniors and developmentally disabled adults

Residential Care

Click to learn more about residential care

Residential Care for boys and girls is provided at six facilities of Baptist Children's Homes, in community-based group cottages across the state. A variety of placement and prevention services are available to meet the needs of the indivdual child and/or family. Residential Care »

Emergency Care

Click to learn more about emergency care

Emergency Care provides temporary residential care for children whose families or legal custodians are experiencing an immediate crisis which results in the child having no safe or appropriate place to reside. Emergency Care »

Residential Wilderness Camps

Learn more about residential wilderness camping

Residential Wilderness Camps are provided for boys and girls in a highly structured, outdoor environment. Cameron Boys Camp and Camp Duncan for girls' residential program gives children and their families an opportunity to work out problems through an alternative education program and intense group process. Residential Wilderness »

Transitional Living

Learn more about transitional living

Transitional Living is designed to assist children ages 16 to 21 as they transition from dependent, out-of-home care to self-sufficient independence. Children live in a group cottage with an on-site resident manager who provides support and supervision. Transitional Living »

Family Care

Learn more about family care

Family Care offers supportive group homes for hard-working single mothers and their children. The transitional program provides a goal-focused living environment within a cottage setting. Family Care is specifically structured to help mothers transition to a successful, independent living situation. Family Care »

Teen Mothers

Learn more about care house for teen mothers

Teen Mother/Baby Parent Education Program is provided for teenage mothers and their babies at Care House in Lenior. The group home gives five mothers the opportunity to learn parents and adult living skills as well as complete their education. Teen Mothers »

Clarification/Value Change

Clarification/Value Change are components of all BCH primary residential care. Clarification service helps families to understand and define their immediate relationships. Value change occurs as family relationships are clarified, and children and their families learn problem-solving skills.

After Care

After Care is provided to child and custodian following residential care. The purpose is to help the family make a successful transition from residential care back to living together as a family or to the appropriate permanent plan. The length of after care is determined by the needs of the child and family/legal custodian.

Family Foster Care

Learn more about foster care

Foster Care is a service providing substitute residential care for a child over a planned period when his/her family or legal custodian cannot provide care. Baptist Children's Homes is seeking families who are interested in providing a licensed foster home for children in need.
Foster Care »

Weekday Education

Learn more about weekday education

Baptist Children's Homes offers a five-star Weekday Education program that is developmentally appropriate for children ages six weeks old through fifth grade. Weekday Education offers full day childcare, part time preschool, before/after school care and NC Pre-Kindergarten classes. Weekday Education »

Developmental Disabilities Ministry (DDM)

Learn more about developmental disabilities ministry

Developmental Disabilities Ministry offers nine homes providing developmentally disabled adults the opportunity to reach the highest level of independence in a group home setting by achieving goals, realizing dreams and enhancing their roles in the community.
Developmental Disabilities Ministry (DDM) »

Equine Services

Equine services are provided to the families living at Oak Ranch in Broadway. The single mothers and their children are given the opportunity to participate in daily barn life and learn proper animal care. Horse care training is available, enabling residents to build confidence and self-esteem. There are opportunies for residents from all of BCH's statewide locations to benefit from Oak Ranch's Equine services.

North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM)

Learn more about NCBAM

North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) is dedicated to serving North Carolina’s aging (65 years and older) and their families by providing information and referrals, connecting the aging and their families with resources to meet needs, and coordinating practical ministries. NCBAM»

Retreats and Conferences

Learn more about Family Resource Center

Baptist Children's Homes provides the Family Resource Center (FRC) in Thomasville for the purpose of providing a facility for programs, seminars and retreats. FRC has overnight guest accomodations, a large conference room, and dining area. Retreats & Conferences »