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Teen Mothers

Care House in Lenior, the first such program in the Eastern United States when it opened in 1988, provides residential services to teenage mothers. Care House helps four teenage, single mothers learning parenting, vocational and educations skills while living with their babies. 

Care House Program

Mothers learn day-to-day care skills, adult living skills and basic parenting skills. They learn how to establish personal goals and are given opportunities to develop a positive self-image. Mothers are educated on how to precent additional pregnancies and learn how they can appropriately use community resources and services.

Care House offers a home-like atmosphere providing supportive relationships enhancing mother and child bonding. Mothers come to Care House and are enrolled in the most appropriate education resource. Their babies receive day care allowing the mothers to continue their education.

Care House staff members work with each mother to regard themselves and their child as a "family" while continuing to work and improve extended family relationships. Extended family issues and other family problems are addressed strengthening mother and baby's support system. If family is not able to provide this support, Care House staff members seek other support resources to help mother and baby along in their future.

Placement consideration can be given to a pregnant teen who is not currently parenting a child. 

Cost of Services: Cost of service is determined during the admission process. DSS and other social service custodians will pay based on a pre-established purchase of servce charge.

Referrals are made by contacting the Care House office at 828.757.0700

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