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Weekday Education

Baptist Children's Homes' Weekday Education program offers an inclusive learning environment for infants, toddlers and pre-schooler children, with all level of abilities, through five-star licensed centers at the Mills Home campus in Thomasville.

Preparing Your Preschooler

It's so essential to ensure your child is receiving not only the best daily childcare, but that he or she is being given the vital building blocks needed to be ready for Kindergarten.

The Fleshman-Pratt Education Center and Robert Idol Child Development Center (CDC) at the Mills Home campus in Thomasville offers the highest quality, developmentally appropriate classroom programs for your child. Programs for infants, toddlers and pre-schoolers are offered to anyone in the community. Through the five-star rated, state licensed centers, your preschooler's bucket will be filled with the skills, both educational and social, he or she needs to be prepared for that important first year of school.

Weekday Education is one of the only programs in the area that offers Inclusion Classes for children with intellectually and/or developmentally disabled boys and girls. Scroll down to learn more about this program that is customized to meet the special needs of each individual child.

Vouchers from the NC Department of Social Services and scholarships for Smart Start of Davidson County are accepted at each center. 

Information and Enrollment:

P: 336.474.1201     ♦     F: 336.475.1495     ♦

The Fleshman-Pratt Education Center

The Fleshman-Pratt Education Center provides quality day care for children ages six weeks to two years old in a warm, home-like environment. Children receive care from highly trained, well-educated staff to ensure children are ready for Kindergarten. Staff provides love and a strong sense of security for each child. Teachers deliver hands-on learning, exploration and discovery opportunities. Children learn by interacting with their peers, adults and their environment. Full-time care is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

The Robert Idol Child Development Center

The Robert Idol Child Development Center offers preschool programs providing daily activities that focus on a child's total development - educational, social, emotional, and physical. The emphasis of the curriculum is to provide an age appropriate kindergarten readiness program so children enter school ready to learn.

Inclusion Classes for Intellectually and/or Developmentally Disabled Children

Weekday Education offers Inclusion Classes customized to meet the specific needs of intellectually and/or developmentally disabled boys and girls. A classroom is comprised of one lead teacher, an assistant teacher, and no more than five children. Three of the students are “typically developing” students (children who do not have a special needs diagnosis) who help their classmates learn simply by interacting with them through thier daily class activities and routines. Weekday Education works closely with the Children’s Developmental Services Agency (CDSA) in Winston-Salem. The teachers use the CDSA's Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) developed for each child in order to meet that child’s specific needs and help achieve his or her goals.