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Residential Wilderness Camps

Baptist Children's Homes' offers residential wilderness camps for school-aged boys and girls. Cameron Boys Camp and Camp Duncan for Girls provide behavioral change for children in a highly structured, wilderness environment. The Camps offer the freedom of being outdoors and the structure of small groups with constant, caring supervision.

Children live in group of ten with three counselors, called "Chiefs". With the help of their peers and Chiefs, campers learn discipline, positive behavior patterns and self-worth. The goal is to build positive, healthy relationships where deep hurts are healed and bad attitudes are changed.

Information and Referrals:

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Residential Wilderness Camping Locations

Click on a location below to learn more. Contact information is available for each location.

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Wilderness Camping Program

The residential wilderness camping program provides children and their families an opportunity to work out problems. From arrival at camp through follow-up visits in the home, social workers focus on all family members.

Cameron Boys Camp and Camp Duncan for Girls are alternative, non-public schools. Although no formal classes are held on site, learning and education is a part of the day from the time a camper wakes until the time they go to bed. Through consistent hands-on education, campers improve significantly in their academic studies while at camp. In one year, the average academic progress is two grade levels. 

Cost of service is based on a sliding fee scale for parent or relative custodians. DSS and other social service custodians will page based on a pre-established purchase of service charge.

Hope and Healing Through Residential Wilderness Camping

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