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Food Gift Card Program

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina (BCH) is partnering with The Full Circle Program (TFCP) to make it easy for the community to provide healthy food for the children and families the nonprofit serves.

The Full Circle Program provides an innovative web-based portal where donors can access BCH’s wish list, purchase product(s) in bulk, and then choose which one of BCH’s statewide homes for the items to be shipped.

Our new program offers our donors two options.  The first is to purchase a gift card for exclusive use by BCH to purchase what we need and when.  The second option allows you to purchase products from our “Needs List” and donate directly to the campus of your choice. 

The Gift Program:

To purchase a gift card please click here.  Thank you!


  • Gift Cards are Tax Deductible and will never expire.
  • Your Gift Card purchase gives BCH more purchase power.  For example, your payment of $5000 will provide BCH with $5300 to spend on those they serve!
  • BCH NC can purchase exactly what they need when they need it.  Plus free shipping directly to our doorstep are included!

 Your Gift Card purchase will help us feed the Children and Families we serve.  Please cick here.


  • TFCP donates 10% of their profits to BCH.
  • Make a selection of what your wish to donate.  Add it to your cart, select the campus you wish to send it to and check out!
  • Your order will be shipped direct to that campus.

To make your purchase click here now!

To make a food donation to Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina, visit For more information on The Full Circle Program, call 866-266-2221 or go to  

Would you like to purchase food or a gift card for one of Baptist Children's Homes locations?

Visit today!