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Mile of Pennies

Go the Extra Mile for Children!

Collecting a Mile of Pennies is a fun way Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday School children of any age can make a difference in the lives of other boys and girls!

A mile of pennies, laid edge to edge, equals $844.40. When it comes to providing care for hundreds of children who live at Baptist Children's Homes, it take everyone working together. One penny may not seem like much, but if you add another penny and then another penny and continue to multiply the can go a long way in making a real difference. 

Labels and a guide to collecting a Mile of Pennies can be downloaded below. 

Collect a Mile of Pennies for your VBS missions offering.
For resources, including video and activity sheet, visit:

Downloads and Resources

Click to download Mile of Pennies GuideClick to download Mile of Pennies LabelsClick to download Mile of Pennies Certificate