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June 27, 2017
Make it a summer BCH boys and girls never forget!

You can give children the care they need while providing  a summer full of memories.                         The needs of the children in BCH’s care not only remain great during the hot summer months, but the cost of care increases. As a Summer sponsor, you provide for children’s daily  needs while making summer activities  and happy memories possible.  Choose a Summer sponsor package below and make  your gift today!How can you give children lasting summer memories?You can choose one of the read more


June 26, 2017
Rising high on eagle's wings, we experience God's faithfulness

The first time I saw an eagle – a real eagle flying in the sky – it took my breath away. I had seen eagle in a book or soaring in slow motion on a television screen, but to see this eagle as I stood at my office window had me calling to others, “Hurry, you have to see this!”The eagle is America’s bird. It’s a no brainer, although Ben Franklin trashed the eagle at one time in favor of the turkey. Our second favorite bird, the turkey, was said to be more “respectable,” being that he is native to read more


June 23, 2017
Third Roundup brings awareness of caregiver needs

The third annual AAIM Roundup was held May 2 at Rich Fork Baptist Church in Thomasville. AAIM (Aging Adults Innovating Ministry) is a network of ministers and lay leaders who conduct an annual Roundup and Fall Regional Gatherings in order to strengthen aging adult ministries. AAIM is an outreach of North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM). NCBAM is a ministry of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH).This year’s AAIM Roundup theme, “The Family of God,” focused on the special needs of caregivers and read more


June 22, 2017
Optimizing You

This column is the second in a series of lessons on health and reaching your optimum you!Exercise? You are without excuse!I’ve heard them all and used them all.But, we have no excuse not to exercise. None. Selene Yeager is a professional cyclist who writes as the Fit Chick in Bicycling Magazine. She wrote: “Exercise is like fertilizer for your brain.”Working out boosts capillary growth in your brain and muscles, which means more oxygen and nutrients get to them to help them work. Scientists read more


June 16, 2017
Bringing hope and shelter amidst life's tumultuous storms

I listened anxiously as the weather report announced a stormy forecast. High winds, excessive rain and threats of a possible tornado were reported. Several businesses and homes were devastated. It was heart breaking.News reports of families displaced made the morning news the next day. As I listened, it was amazing to hear the hope expressed by those impacted. They talked about the blessings, not their losses, and how they would rebuild their homes, their businesses and their lives.As I learned read more


June 13, 2017
BCH honors Jay Westmoreland with Heritage Award

Jay Westmoreland, Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) trustee whose family is a longtime friend of the ministry, is a recipient of the 2017 Heritage Award. The award is among the highest of honors given a North Carolina Baptist.“It is exciting to serve with wonderful trustees, a talented management group, and the many compassionate churches across the state who pour out prayers and provide financial support to show love to these children,” Westmoreland said. “To me, the real heroes are those that read more


June 7, 2017
WCU leader's group visit Broyhill Home

A call came to Broyhill Home requesting a tour of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) western campus. Groups often visit the campus: Church groups, student groups and community groups take time to learn more about the ministry located in Clyde. This group, however, was different. It was comprised of members of Western Carolina University’s (WCU) Leadership Academy, the Women in Leadership Academy, and other campus leaders including WCU Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Alison read more


June 6, 2017
Give a child an unforgettable summer!

I love watermelon.Cold watermelon tastes so good on a hot summer day. I can’t eat a slice today without smiling and recalling the seed-spitting contests I won as a boy.Think about your fondest childhood summertime memory – finding seashells along the beach, playing softball with friends, road trips with the family, or fireworks and grilling hot dogs. Now, imagine if your memories were filled with anger, pain and darkness. This is the reality for many of the boys and girls who come to us. Abuse read more


June 6, 2017
CARE model emphasizes grace, focuses on healing child's pain

The class gathered and took their seats. Twelve Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) staff members settled in to begin a week-long training. Cornell University’s Frank Kuhn was presenting CARE (Children and Residential Experiences), the model of care BCH adopted for use in residential cottages.“I remember thinking, ‘This is not going to work,’” Mills Home residential services supervisor Rusty Bunker says. “I thought this guy had lost his mind.”Bunker sat through the first two days somewhat defiantly. read more


June 2, 2017
BCH stands committed to children first

As part of its ongoing pursuit of excellence in the service of children and families, Baptist Children’s Homes partnered with Cornell University in implementing their CARE model program in 2009. The CARE (Children and Residential Experiences) model is a multi-level program developed as part of the Residential Child Care Project at Cornell’s Bronfenbrenner Center for Transitional Research (BCTR).“Our eight-year partnership with BCH has been a very successful one,” Frank Kuhn of BCTR at Cornell read more


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