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Baptist Children's Homes
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August 16, 2017
New Sanford Day program meets DDM needs

The residents of Lanier and Mercer Homes in Sanford are ready to start their morning at Baptist Children’s Homes’ (BCH) new Day Program for developmentally disabled residents located at Oak Ranch near Broadway. Instructor Victoria Mespelt calls the group to circle around the American flag that 51-year-old Debbie holds. They recite the Pledge of Allegiance in unison.“We begin every day with the pledge, a devotion and prayer,” Mespelt says. “Our students don’t let us forget. Many share prayer read more


August 14, 2017
"101 Faces:Behind every face is a story"

To commemorate the 130th anniversary of Charity & Children, BCHPress has produced the book “101 Faces: Behind every face is a story” written and created by Michael C. Blackwell and Jim Edminson. This limited edition book presents a hundred and one faces that tell our story featuring beautiful black and white photographs. The soft-cover, autographed book is $20 which includes shipping. The 100 page book is nine inches by nine inches in size.Pre-order your copy of 101 Faces by mailing $20 to:  101 read more


August 10, 2017
Catherine Blackwell reflects on 50 years of marriage and service

On August 12, Catherine Blackwell will celebrate 50 years of marriage with her husband Michael. For nearly 35 of those years, the couple has called Thomasville home.“Change was the most distant thing from our minds when Michael was called to become president of Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH). We just never imagined,” Catherine says. Although change is not her favorite thing, she admits it has been a constant throughout the couple’s marriage.“Marriages are never 50/50,” she explains. “They are read more


August 3, 2017
Filling the absence with the presence of God's love!

I remember a sermon preached by Dr. John Claypool during a religious emphasis week while attending Gardner Webb University. His sermon was entitled, as I remember, “The presence of the absence”. His sermon was about the death of his young daughter and how the presence of her absence made the fact that she had been a part of his life even more real.So many times in the lives of our children, the absence of the presence of parental love and care simply highlights how important that kind of love read more


August 1, 2017
Childhood fear replaced with feelings of celebration

I knew it was unreasonable, but my childhood fear of people with developmental disabilities haunted me into adulthood.Dad liked to visit his customers. He was a life insurance salesman until retirement and the phone was never personal enough. When I was a kid, I would tag along on his sales calls. One visit was life altering.I didn’t know many of the people he visited. That day’s customer was no exception. We arrived at his house, and I hopped out of the car and walked with Dad to the front read more


August 1, 2017
Charity & Children continues to tell story after 130 years

Fireworks grab people’s attention.The whistles and bangs reverberate as sparkles of light and color fill the sky. The aerial choreography heightens anticipation for what is to come or signals a hooray for a job well done. This year marks the 130th anniversary of Charity & Children. It is an occasion to celebrate.Baptist Children’s Homes founder John Haymes Mills knew the value of telling a story. So in 1887, two years after establishing Mills Home, he launched C&C with the inaugural July 14 read more


July 28, 2017
God is Festival's most essential ingredient

The recipe for the Broyhill Home “Cookin’ for the Kids” Barbecue Festival is one of success. The annual event, which brings together teams who cook their special pork, chicken and beef brisket secret recipes, marked its tenth anniversary on May 13.However, the most important ingredient to the festival’s longevity is no secret to members of Ninevah Baptist Church in Waynesville who organize the annual fundraiser. From the beginning, they put God at the center of the event.“I was taught to learn read more


July 27, 2017
I remember rushing to get ready for school

It’s the same here. Cottage parents fix breakfast, share a short devotion, and there’s just enough time for the children to grab their backpacks as the bus arrives. Then, they hop on just in time.The new school year is quickly approaching, but it’s not too late to make your Back-to-School gift.  You can help the hundreds of BCH’s boys and girls have all they need for a great start this new school year. In fact, if you make your gift today, it will arrive just in time.Before summers ends, new read more


July 26, 2017
Junior's life and heart change

Fifteen-year-old Junior remembers the construction sites where his father worked.“As a little boy, my dad took me to work with him when he was building houses,” Junior says. “He would give me a hammer and I would nail boards. It was nothing major, but it felt like a big deal.”Junior and his younger brother have lived at Broyhill Home in Clyde for two years. It is a refuge while their father is incarcerated. “It’s been hard, but we have been able to visit him.”Junior says his dad is very proud of read more


July 13, 2017
Reach for the hand of a child

It was time for the evening meal. The mission team met at an outdoor restaurant. There were guards with guns along the sidewalks. A hedge of shrubs was all that blocked their table from the street.After sitting down to order, they began to talk about the events of the day. They recalled as they toured the city how they had encountered hungry beggars. Young “street children” were a common site, selling items to support their families who had little, begging passersby to buy a cheap souvenir.As read more


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