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Guatemala Missions

The Good Shepherd Children's Home is Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina's affiliate orphanage in Xela, Guatemala. Baptist Children's Homes (BCH) established the new orphanage in partnership with NC Baptist Men and Woman’s Missionary Union of NC (WMU NC). Together, we are able to share the hope of Jesus to orphaned children.

The orphanage is a part of Good Shepherd Ministries. In addition to orphan care, the ministry operates the Good Shepherd Clinic offering low-cost visits and medications. Many of the clinic's patients, who live in the Xela region, have chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease which were intreated because of severe poverty. 

We need you! Support Good Shepherd Children's Home
and share hope with Guatemalan boys and girls.

Why an orphanage in Guatemala?

Guatemala has the highest infant mortality rate in Central America and the highest rate of malnutrition in the western hemisphere. Daily, children and families are battling malnutrition, extreme poverty, early pregnancy and child abandonment. Baptist Children’s Homes has been offered an opportunity to use a facility in Xela, Guatemala for the purpose of caring for children in need. 

Who are the children?

In the beginning we will serve infants through five years of age. Most of the children in our care will come from the rural indigenous tribe of the Quiché.

Why do children come?

Abandonment is rampant. In Guatemala City, a child is abandoned every four days; 75% of them are newborns. The estimated number of children abandoned in rural areas is even higher. Children are abandoned because their families do not want them, do not know how to care for them or cannot afford to provide for them. Many children are left to live on the streets to fend for themselves. Very few of these boys and girls survive. We will help care for these children and provide them with a loving and safe home. 

How can people help?

Reach out a hand of hope. Prayer and financial support are vital for carrying out the mission of Good Shepherd Ministries. Without ongoing support, caring for Quiché children is impossible.


It costs $11 a day, $77 a week, sponsor an orphan. The $4,000 annual sponsorship provides a child with a caring home at Good Shepherd Children’s Home, nutritious food, clothing, medical care and other daily provisions. Most importantly, the gospel is shared with this precious child. A child sponsorship is a perfect outreach for a church, association or group. To sponsor a child, contact BCH’s Brenda Gray at 336-474-1230 or You can also make your sponsorship online by visiting


Missionaries Roger and Vicki Grossman are passionate to see the people of Guatemala come to know Christ’s salvation. The full-time missionaries have served in Guatemala for a number of years. The couple oversee both the orphanage and medical clinic. Please support our missionaries. Just as the Grossmans care for the needs of Quiché villagers and children, they need support so they can provide for the needs of their family. You can support them at by making an online guft.


In partnership with North Carolina Baptist Men, work teams are being put together to handle repairs and renovations on the building and property to ensure Guatemalan children have the best home and best care possible. Work teams are needed to assist with:

- Masonry Work - Plumbing
- Building a security wall - Light electrical work
- Window repairs - Painting
- General repairs - Evangelistic outreach


Giving online is the fastest way to help. Any amount will make a difference! To give, visit and choose “Guatemala Orphanage” from the Designate your Gift menu.


It is only through generous, ongoing support that Baptist Children's Homes an provide care to hurting hildren in Guatemala.

If your church can help, contact BCH's Keith Henry at 336-474-1215 / or BCH's Brenda Gray at 336-474.1230 /

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